Bluesbreakers Livé

Under the inspiring leadership of Dik “Mr. Brown” Korving, the Bluesbreakers are a prominent representative of the Dutch blues scene. The band, from Lobith Gelderland, performs frequently on small and large stages throughout Europe.

Dik Korving (guitar/vocals)
Mr. Brown is a veteran in Dutch blues circles. As a good friend of Eelco Gelling (Cuby & the Blizzards) he got under the spell of the blues and the guitar at an early age and developed into a widely acclaimed master of the slow blues. With The White Blues Band he celebrated successes throughout Europe in the 70s and 80s. In 2013 he celebrates his 50th anniversary as a stage performer.

Francesco “The Kid” Frentrop (keyboards/vocals)
Francesco has a varied musical past. He accompanied divas Marjolein Keuning, and the Austrian Maya Hakvoort, and he played with (former) members of the Charity, Earth & Fire and The New Cool Collective. The late Jip Golsteijn (Telegraaf/Oor) praised his early rock compositions. In the United States he played with Larry Garnett, Jon McCormick, and Dave Pollard among others.